Blackout is a clone of the game Lights Out. The goal of the game is to turn off all of the lights on the board.

Please download it and try it out.

Turn off all the lights on the board. When clicking a light, it and the four adjacent lights will switch state. Lights on the edges and in corners have fewer adjacent lights that will switch. Each board configuration is identified by a six character code. By clicking on the code, you can type a new one, and try that configuration. Codes are made up of alphanumeric characters, dash, and underscore.

Blackout uses a 6x6 board for a couple reasons. 6x6 boards are completely solvable, that is, there is no configuration of lights on a 6x6 board that cannot be brought to an "all off" state. 6x6 boards are also easier to represent with text than 5x5, since typical base 64 character sets are generally more intuitive than a base 32 character set.

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