Terminal 10 is a game about falling out of an airplane.

You've just fallen out of an airplane, and you have ten seconds to figure out how to land safely. You'll be prompted with some simple instructions, and following them should ensure that you're not dead once you reach the ground.

This was my entry for Ludum Dare 27.

I decided against having any sort of controls introduction before you're thrown into the game, so that you're panicking at an appropriate level given the character's situation. It's more quick-timey than I'd like, but I tried to make sure that failure was at least entertaining. That seems to have been a success. The game came in 16th in Humor, which I was pretty psyched about.

The game is written in Lua, using Love2d.

Update History:

  • 2013.08.26: v0, Initial version for Ludum Dare #27

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